Thursday, August 25, 2011

West Side Design District

This week I took a little trip back to my old neighborhood in West Midtown. I love that side of town so much! Going back there really makes me feel nostalgic, it is the first place that I lived when I moved back to Atlanta after college and the first place that Eric and I lived together after our wedding last year. I totally love where we live now and I wouldn't trade our house for anything but West Midtown will always hold a special place in my heart and it was the perfect place for me at the time when I lived there. I also think the West Side Design District has had a huge impact on my sense of style and interior design.  When it comes to rustic modern design, this area of town really has it going on. Just wandering through the multitude of furniture stores and trendy restaurants can really get you inspired.

I started my West side visit with a trip to one of my old haunts, West Egg Cafe. I used to eat at this place all the time and I even had a show of my paintings there once. They have moved locations in the recent past (just down the street) and their new digs are definitely leaning more toward a clean and modern look. There are a lot of things I love about the design of the new place but personally I miss the old location, it was a little more rustic and a little less sleek. I feel like they lost a bit of their magic when they moved however it will always be one of my favorite places to have breakfast.

I love that the water comes in these cool bottles and that the silverware and napkins come in numbered wooden trays
The interior definitely feels a bit colder than it did at it's old location.

LOVE this bar though :-)

My next stop was to the new-ish plant store Garden. This is the store that went in to West Egg's old location. It's a little pricey as plant stores go but they have some really cool stuff and I just so happened to have a scout mob for for Garden so I was able to walk away with two new succulents for the price of one!

Exterior shot of Garden

My new plants in their new home

Of course I had to finish my trip to the West side with a visit to the relatively new Anthropology store that has opened up there, talk about inspirational! There are a ton of other great places on that end of town that I didn't have time to go to on this particular day but I will absolutely be back in the near future. Next time you have a day off and are in need of some design inspiration I highly recommend hitting up this area of town, it will probably always be my favorite part of Atlanta.  

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