Thursday, August 25, 2011

Two More Projects Completed (Kind Of)

It seems like ages since we put in our shiny and beautiful bamboo flooring, and yet it has taken me this long to get the baseboards up, sheesh! I finally had some free time this week and last week and got to work on these things. I still have to do the majority of the hall but the living room/dining room is finished! Yay progress! It's so nice not to have a half inch gap between the floor and the wall :-P
The finished baseboards, looks so much more polished!
the chaos of painting baseboards on the back deck, not fun.

The other project I had to work on was my little terraced garden I've been wanting to build. We have the area by our front walkway that no grass will grow in and I thought it would make sense to add some bricks to the edge of the area, fill it with dirt and plant some shade loving things in that area to see if they did any better than the grass.

This is the original area, see how no grass will grom in this rectangular strip? It's begging to be made in to a flower bed.
Retaining wall bricks stacked up and hostas planted. 

I still have to fill the rest of the flower bed with dirt and plant more things but I'm excited to have a start anyway. It feels good getting some things accomplished around the house :-)

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