Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Color Scheme

Now that painting is (almost) done and all of the paint is bought I was looking back at my color choices and trying to remember how I chose them. Eric and I talked about the environment we wanted to create in the house and chose a few neutrals and some accent colors. We generally like keep things earthy but modern at the same time. We liked some of the colors that were in the house already but we felt they needed a little more oomph. Here is a little collage I made of the colors in the house:

Pretty interesting to see them all next to each other. They didn't really turn out as earthy as I expected, they actually put me in mind of the beach a bit. The red/orange color is the only one that was already in the house that we kept. The teal color was Eric's idea for the kitchen and the rest of the colors were chosen by me (with Eric's approval). I wondered if picking colors for the house would be a struggle but it turns out it was totally easy to find things we both liked. How did you and your significant other pick colors for your house? Did you have a specific design plan or did you pick colors emotionally? I feel like we started out with a specific plan but then kind of forgot about half way through the process lol. Nevertheless I am really happy with how the new paint colors look in theirs respective places and I love the clean feeling that a fresh coat of paint gives a room!

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  1. Love your grays! Four our colors, I picked picked the colors in general (green in this room, yellow in that), and then ran them by my mate, explaining my thought process. Together we fine-tuned the shades to get the colors we would both be happy with. Theoretically-speaking. In reality, we are repainting the bedroom. But we both want the color to be different and we picked out the new color together, so I guess it's all the same in the end. Congrats on being done - painting is a real pain!