Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Silly Cats

The cats are acting nuttier and nuttier as thins disappear from the house and the deep cleaning begins. It is probably not a very good testament to my abilities as a housekeeper that the cats are terrified when they see me pick up a broom. It happens so rarely that they know it means either A: company is coming over or B: we are moving! I snapped a couple of cute pictures of Willow and Reese in the midst of all the moving chaos tonight (Westley is smart enough to spend most of his time outside and thus stay clear of said chaos). I couldn't help but share these :-)

Unlike Willow Reese is not completely terrified of the cat carrier. I pulled it out early to give the cats time to adjust to it's presence before the move and while Willow still avoids it like the plague Reese thinks it makes a comfy bed.
Willow likes using the packed bags and boxes as furniture, it's not like she has anything else to sit on.

More updates are coming soon. Probably this weekend (or whenever we get internet set up at the new place). Happy Wednesday everyone!

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