Monday, March 14, 2011

New Appliances!

This is something i have really been looking forward to. As much as it hurts me to spend money I am so thrilled that we will be getting new appliances for the house. This weekend we got to do the first round of appliance shopping and walked away with a new fridge and dryer. We already have a washer that we purchased for our rental and the the last item we will have to get is the stove. We hit up the Sears outlet in Kennesaw and man they had some awesome deals! Here are some pics of the appliances in the store:

We really wanted the brushed metal look for the fridge but we weren't sure we could afford one. We also were looking for something with an ice maker and this one fit the bill and the price was right. We were much less picky about the dryer, we just went for one of the cheaper options that looked like it had a large drum. Basically it can't be worse than the dryer we have now so anything will look like a drastic improvement compared to the current one. The sears people delivered our stuff the next day and we now have a working fridge and dryer! We are one step closer to being able to move in. Here are some pics of the fridge and dryer in their new homes:

Kitchen is still a disaster from all the painting and construction but it is slowly getting better
Dryer installed in the basement, waiting for the washer to make the move :-)

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