Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mid-Week Mini Update

We made our first trip out to work on the house in the middle of the week tonight. I have to say I was surprised by how quickly the drive from work all the way in Decatur went by, traffic wasn't that bad and it seemed like I got there in no time. Eric had headed out Earlier in the day to try to get some work on the floors done since we will have to return the nail gun soon and our wonderful friend Adam came and helped a ton with that! By the time I got they had so much more done than i thought they would, it seems like they are pros at this flooring stuff now! By the time we left tonight they had finished the living room and hall and now all that's left is to do the dining room and the trim of course. I spent the evening unpacking and organizing and we all ended the night with a little impromptu dance party on the super slick floors. Here are some updated pictures of the flooring, please pardon the construction/moving mess. 

Adam snapped some pictures of us dancing and I was able to capture some of his epic break dancing moves :-) This floor is just too great not to dance on. I'm sure I will have more updates for you all this weekend, stay tuned!

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