Monday, March 21, 2011

Moving Part Two: one week of city living left.

We moved sooo much stuff this weekend, we worked super hard (and played pretty hard too) and now we are exhausted. We have one week left in our old house and we are so excited to finally move in to our new one. The old house is a pretty sad place to be this week. We have almost no furniture left, no pictures on the walls, no food in the fridge much less anything to cook it in or eat it off of. We are really down to the bare essentials this week and it makes it tough to be here honestly. Right now we just have the bed, the computers and the cats plus some clothes. Speaking of the cats they are starting to really not trust us, especially my cat Willow who has always been remarkably skittish. She wouldn't accept treats from me last night which is a bad sign, she seemed sure that I was trying to lure her in to a trap (which come next Saturday I will be). If only there was a way to explain to her how much she will love the new house and how happy she'll be after the move, oh well :-)

In addition to working our butts off moving and unpacking things this weekend we were also able to have a little fun in the new house. This is something I have really been wanting to do so that I don't just associate my new house with hard work. We had my parents over for a little cookout and were able to enjoy eating on the back deck, also Eric hosted a little guys game night which was lots of fun. Entertaining in the house really makes it feel like home, I can't wait for the housewarming party!

Here are some pictures of the progress from this weekend. Basically it's still a mess but at least it's getting to be more moving mess and less construction so it kind of feels like "my" mess.

Our sad, empty living room at the old house. I plan to spend a lot of time this week cleaning so we won't have to do it this weekend when we are also moving the last of the stuff
Dining room table and chairs moved in, all ready for entertaining :-)
My Christmas cactus is confused by the move, it really shouldn't be blooming now.
Our Azaleas are budding out at the new house, the Dogwood out back is about to burst in to bloom as well. Spring is here!
Grilling out on the patio for the first time, mmmm
I think I will never get tired of this room, still a mess but feeling a bit more homey now.
bookshelf in place and books starting to be put away, have I mentioned that we have a lot of books?
Boys assembled for game night, my Dad is pleased to be close enough to attend easily now :-)
bedroom is finally starting to be cleaned out, ready to move the bed in here next weekend!

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