Thursday, March 17, 2011


Now that the majority of the renovation work is done (at least for the time being) we are starting to move. We are supposed to be officially out of the old rental by April 1st so we have some time but we are trying to spread it out so it won't so much work on that final weekend. This is good and bad. It's good because we won't have a crazy amount of work to do all in two days and it's bad because now we are in mid-moving no mans land where half of our stuff is at one place and half is at the other. We have already moved a good bit of clothes, furniture and kitchen stuff and inevitably whatever we want is at the other place. It could be a sweater I haven't worn in years but for some reason I have to have it now that isn't an option to me.

I'm not one of those organized mover types either, I don't sort things in to boxes logically and label them according to what room they go in.  This means that I will have to unpack every single box in order to find anything after we move in. Luckily the week after we move in I have Spring break so I will have a whole week off to unpack and organize.

As the furniture slowly goes there are less surfaces for the cats to sit on and they are starting to freak. They will now sit on any available shelf or stack of paper on the floor but they know what's up, they remember this from the last time, and it's making them needy and a bit nervous.

My last thought on moving for the moment is that you never really know how much stuff you have until you try to move it all. And once you get a house, whether it be a rental or one you own, there is no going back. You accumulate so much more stuff in a house, not only because you have more room but also because you suddenly need tools and lawn equipment. The main thing I've discovered while moving (and I already knew this consciously, I just didn't understand the full magnitude of the situation) is that we have so many books! Oh my God we have a lot of books, how did this happen? Eric has about a million paperbacks and I have a ridiculous amount of heavy, hard to move or even fit on a shelf, art books. I really have no idea how we crammed them all in to this little house. At least at the new house the books will have some room to stretch out a bit. Who knows, maybe we'll even get rid of a few :-) Here are some pictures from the moving process so far. We are planning to do a lot more moving this weekend so there will be more to come soon.
Piles of stuff stacked up in the master bedroom of the new house (yeah, not the most organized movers). See all those books piled in the corner? That is only a teeny, tiny fraction of the books we own. I think I have finally moved all but a few of the books at this point. As you can see we are also running out of boxes and resorting to using shopping bags. This weekends moving should be interesting..

Willow taking advantage of the empty shelves

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