Sunday, March 6, 2011

Floors, Glorious Floors!

We finally got to start installing our new floors this weekend! And by "we" I mean Eric, Don, my Dad and Adam. I wasn't available to help at all with the house on Saturday because I was shooting a wedding with Joanna for our photography company Everything Nice Photography and it ate up my whole day (although it was exhausting it was a great day and we got amazing photos). By the time I showed up on the scene they were well on their way so I just decided to stay clear of the floor installation ;-) So I didn't even get to see what was happening with the house until Sunday morning but when I did see it, wow! The new floors look absolutely amazing so far. By the end of the weekend they had finished most of the living room, next weekend they will be working on the hallway and dining room. We were once again incredibly lucky to have our parents help us out and we were able to borrow a nail gun from some neighbors of Eric's parents which saved us a ton of money. This makes me so excited to get moved in, check out the pictures:

I am so beyond thrilled with how they are turning out. I really feel that we made the right choice going with the bamboo, it sure beats the nasty carpet that was there when we bought the place. I can't wait to live in this amazing house!

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