Friday, March 25, 2011

Goodbye Old House

It's our last night in our rental and I am busy bustling around and doing last minute cleaning and packing. We plan to move the cats over in the first load tomorrow morning and then come back for the rest of our stuff throughout the weekend. The house is so empty and still now, it's funny how I never noticed before that you can hear the distant rush of cars from the interstate from our neighborhood here. The Marietta house is so much quieter that it made me much more aware of the little noises around here.

As excited as I am about moving to the new house, I'm finding my last night here a little bitter sweet. I tend to get very sentimental about things and and can't help but think of every thing in terms of "the last time" now. For example, I just washed my last load in the dishwasher here, sigh. I know I'm being ridiculous but I have a lot of good feelings towards this place and I will miss it just a teeny bit. This was the first real house we lived in (aside from our parent's houses), it was the first place where Eric and I lived together and the one that we came home to after our wedding. Here is a picture of us with the rental around Christmas time, just for old times sake ;-)

I've been so antsy all week and eager to get moved in to the new place but saying goodbye is always hard for me. Now I just have to focus on looking forward to all the good memories that are already being made and that are still to come in our new place. The rental has given us a lot of good times but there are even more good times up ahead and I couldn't be happier with our decision to buy the new house or with the house itself. It has already totally surpassed my expectations and I am stoked about living within walking distance of my parents. I think of this house as the place where we will settle in to married life and one day raise our kids. Plus we get to look forward to discovering a whole new area. Actually it's more like rediscovering for me since I grew up there but it is like looking at it through totally different eyes as an adult. So goodbye old house and here's to our new adventure of home ownership! I'll be sure to keep you posted on the rest of our move and how the cats settle in (I'm eager to see how that goes down myself). See you all after the weekend :-)

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