Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekend Progress

Since we (pretty much) finished the floors we have gotten more in to moving mode and less in construction mode. There are still renovations that need to be made but basically we are sick of it and we need a break for some fun stuff like arranging furniture, unpacking and decorating.  We still did a few things like painting and nailing up baseboards but we are taking it a bit slower now. Here are some updated pictures of how things are looking.

Hall bathroom in progress (with bad lighting)
Hall bathroom, done with painting (with better lighting)
Hall bathroom from another angle
Painting baseboards on the back deck
Dining room with a placeholder table until we get our real table in there, art is starting to go up on the walls as well.
taking a break on the newly arranged furniture. It took us forever to find an arrangement for the couches and chairs that we were happy with but I think finally got it.
Living room top view
Studio with all the furniture moved in, I still have some cleaning and decorating to do in this room but it is mostly done.
This desk and drafting table arrangement let's me swivel back and forth between the two, just what I wanted :-)

I have more posts coming soon but this is the overview from the weekend. Hope you all enjoy the pictures, we can't wait to have everyone over :-)

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