Sunday, March 6, 2011

My First Studio Space

One of the things I am most excited about in the new house is that I will actually finally have my own studio space. To have a whole room for my art supplies that I can work in and outfit any way I want is beyond amazing, I finally have room for all my art stuff! I got to start on decorating and unpacking some of my studio stuff today and it feels so good to have some place in the house that actually looks like a real living space now. I still have to move in my desk and drafting table as well as some other odds and end so it is far from complete. Still, I feel really good about the work I did today in the studio, I'm finally getting to the fun part! And there are many more rooms to be decorated in the near future, yay! Here are some pictures from the developing studio:

Using an old futon as couch so that people can sit and talk to me while I work on stuff, or Eric can sit in and read a book while I do freelance. We can also lay it flat and turn this room in to an extra guest bedroom.

My flat file all moved in and reorganized.

Shelves hung and things starting to go up on the shelves, my desk and drafting table will go on these two walls

The closet serves as painting storage and has a place for art books and extra art supplies

Yay! It's starting to be personalized!

My Kalanchoe re-potted in a cheerful red pot to match the futon

I got these awesome clips from Urban outfitters specifically for the studio. This way I can hang unframed work, change the art in the room around regularly, or use this as a space to let things dry. Right now I just put up some of my old watercolors from college for now but I hope to acquire some new prints to put here at some point.

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  1. like x10,000... when I can have a room like this someday, I imagine I'll do a lot more art!